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fix problems with antivirus systems. They like to alert users that fixer is suspicious or even a virus or spyware

Jonathan , 17.01.2012, 17:27
Idea status: under consideration


Bado_Soft, 17.01.2012, 18:14
Issues with Antivirus or Firewalls are 3rd party Software issues. We can’t influent on 3rd party Software issues. If a Antivirus or Firewall decide that Connectivity Fixer PRO must be blocked then this is an issue of the settings and or the developer of the Antivirus /Firewall Application! As Connectivity fixer is Adware, Spyware, Virus and Trojan free the developer of these security applications need to react on that as their Application causes the issue! There is a trend that Software developer should contact Security Software developer to ask them kindly to not block their applications but in our opinion this is going too far. If a Firewall or Antivirus Software can’t see the difference between good and bad they developer need to rethink their concept!

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